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Wednesday, July 8, 2009,6:55 AM

Cerebral palsy, Autism, Mongolism and Mental retardation are something which always challenged all the times, all through the ages. These are generally written off as ‘incurable’

But experiments conducted in a small remote village of Thenkara, the place which is near to Silent Valley in India appear to dare these notions. The Indian herbal Therapy and Research Foundation (IHTRF) has taken up the challenge by giving effective treatment for Cerebral palsy, Autism, Mongolism, Mental Retardation and other Neurological disorders

“We give amazing results by Traditional way of Tribal Healing”

About Us

IHTRF is engaged in research and treatment of children who are suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Mongolism, Mental Retardation and other Neuro Muscular diseases. The founder and managing Trustee of IHTRF Mr. M.I. Mathews Vaidyer and his wife Mrs. Alice Mathews are conducting extensive research in the treatment of above problems using traditional tribal herbal extracts and specially formulated herbal oil for the past several years.

The specially formulated medicines and oil are prepared using the medicinal herbs collected from the forests of Silent Valley in India. The treatment has shown positive results. Cerebral palsy (the condition generally termed as “Spastic”) Autism etc are considered as “non curable”. But the centuries old traditional tribal treatment by IHTRF is offering new hopes to the families of the suffering children.

In the IHTRF the above disorders are curable applying the herbal formula that regenerates and activates brain and nerves cells. Mr. M I Mathews Vaidyer offers you hope by using his highly successful method of treatment and medicine, especially if the affected children up to 5 years. They are being given new life and hopes with his treatment that has become a ray of light to those who have lost faith in their life.

Unfortunately most of the time the patient approach the IHTRF as last option. By the time they would have been totally helpless and exhausted both economically and emotionally. Then the treatment becomes unaffordable to such families. They look hopefully at those who are generous and kind hearted.

IHTRF is a non profit organization. You can sponsor a patient to cover the cost of the medicines.

Aims and Objectives of IHTRF

1. Conducting research in traditional Tribal Herbal Medicines and Herbal Treatment.

2. Providing effective treatment to children who are affected by Cerebral palsy, Autism, Mongolism, Mental Retardation and other Neurological disorders.

3. Propagating and campaigning the virtues of traditional tribal herbal medicines and its treatment.

4 . Provide free treatment for the patients who are economically backward with help of the well wishers.
5. Develop network of treatment centers to enable the patients for the easy access of treatment all over the world.

Contact Us Indian herbal Therapy and Research Foundation (IHTRF)
Thenkara (PO),
Palakkad(Dist), Kerala, 678761.
Phone: 91-4924-239012, 238202
Mob: 91-9048238800, 91-9447623898

EMAIL : mathews_ihtrf@yahoo.com

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posted by Mathews Vaidyar
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Sunday, April 29, 2007,12:36 PM

Tribals of Attapadi lead a very healthy life. They work hard even at a very old age. You will never find any unhealthy and overweight tribal. Their health is a closely guarded secret. I spent half my life with them and have learnt about the Tribal herbal treatment for various diseases including mental illness.
Mathews Vaidyar

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posted by Mathews Vaidyar
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Saturday, April 28, 2007,2:10 PM

These are a couple of unfortunate children suffering from Cerebral palsy. The pain and suffering is much greater for the parents, as this mental illness is considered incurable. Tribal herbal cure offers them a great hope. These children have shown great improvement after I treated them. Chances of success in the treatment are greater for children under the age of five.

The medicines and treatment are free of charge.

Mathews Vaidyar

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posted by Mathews Vaidyar
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